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BFL Lace - Mini Yarn Review

May 19, 2015


 clockwise from top: Wisteria, Peony, Grapefruit, Laurel, Birch, Summer Skin and Jade.

I'm very excited about the arrival this month of SweetGeorgia's BFL Lace. I couldn't resist adding this fabulous new yarn to our shelves after I had the opportunity to sample it for myself at Stitches, Birmingham earlier this year.

SweetGeorgia launched BFL Lace this spring in their signature colour palette, to give you a taster we have added their new spring/summer colours to add a little ray of sunshine to your summer lace knitting!


BFL Lace is spun from 100% British Bluefaced Leicester, which means not only is it soft but is well suited to knitting traditional lace shawls as it will block beautifully to show off the lacework and has an incredible drape without feeling heavy. The luster in the fibres of Bluefaced Leicester means it takes the dyes SweetGeorgia use really well so the colours are stunning!

It comes in 100g skein which a generous yardage of 875yds / 800m, so will go an incredibly long way! One skein will knit you a large shawl or two smaller shawlettes making great value at only £22.99 for a 100g skein.

One skein of SweetGeorgia BFL Lace is enough to knit Kate Davies' A Hap for Harriet, a sideways-knit garter stitch shawl edged in lacework. The overall size of the finished shawl is 48cm deep by 208cm wide. The garter stitch body of the shawl and lace edge are worked together making it an interesting knit, whilst the shawl's long crescent shape is achieved through increases and decreases. 

If you fancy an allover lace shawl then how about Tin Can Knits Sunflower or Photosynthesis. Both these shawls need only one skein of BFL Lace and if you opt to knit the smaller size in Sunflower you'll have enough yarn leftover for another project!


Tin Can Knits Sunflower (top) and Photosynthesis.

You don't have to limit yourself to knitting shawls or lacework with BLF Lace. The beauty of Bluefaced Leicester is that it's soft enough to wear against your skin as well as being durable and hardwearing, so ideal for knitting a cardigan you will wear all summer long!

Knitbot's Featherweight or Wispy Cardi would be a good choices; just two skeins would be enough to knit the smaller size.  BFL Lace is also great to knit with doubled as a fingering weight substitute and would be perfect for Jane Richmond's garter stitch cardigan, Audrey.



Featherweight (left), Wispy Cardi (centre) and Audrey (right)

SweetGeorgia BFL Lace is a real workhorse yarn, with a huge yardage for the price offering great value. I see this making it's way into my knitting bag very soon and can't wait to cast on my next project in it!

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