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Falling for Angelus Novus

November 20, 2015


Falling for Angelus Novus

Have you ever had one of those knitting moments when you spot a pattern or sample knitted up and just know instantly that you're going to make it? That's exactly what happened to me this year at Yarndale. I was chatting to the lovely ladies from Blacker Yarns when I spied a sample knitted up in their Blacker Swan Falkland DK at the back of their stand. It was love at first sight!


Angelus Novus is by designer Renée Callahan, it's part of her collection of six knitting patterns; The Klee Collection. Renée trained as an art historian and has taken her inspiration for this collection from artist Paul Klee; each pattern is named after a painting by Klee. Renée's cardigan design is an interpretation of the angel's wings outstretched in Klee's painting, Angelus Novus.


Angelus Novus executed byPaul Klee in 1920


It's an easy to wear cardigan with open waterfall fronts, which you could also fasten with a pin or brooch; I can see that Angelus Novus would fast become a staple piece in my winter wardrobe especially if I were to knit in one of Blacker Swan DK's natural shades of which there are four to choose from. The sample at Yarndale and pictured here was knitted in Stone.

I love the innovative construction, it starts life with a garter tab cast-on which is often used in shawls and is knit initially like you'd knit a triangular shawl with the simple symmetrical lace pattern up and across the entire back. You set stitches aside to work different areas of the cardigan and short-rows are also used to add shape to the shoulders. All in all this is going to be an interesting pattern to knit!

Renée has really given a lot of thought to who she's designing for and her pattern gives instructions for knitting in four sizes; up to 51.25" bust. The cardigan has quite a bit of positive ease so for example the medium modeled in the pictures by Renée herself, can accommodate bust sizes from 34" to 40" comfortably. Further details on sizes and yarn amounts can be found here


Blacker Swan Falkland Merino DK has a wonderful wonderful handle which is soft and luxurious, it's worsted spun so has a beautiful drape which lends itself well to this pattern. It is spun from pure white Merino wool and the four natural shades are achieved by blending them with a little Bluefaced Leicester.

It's not a typical DK, it actually feels and knits up a little thicker so you could substitute for an aran or worsted weight yarn such as Cumbria. I think it would look stunning knitted in Derwent Water or Hadrian's Wall. Whatever I decide this is going to be an interesting and quick knit! 


About the Author

Rachel Owen is the owner of Tangled Yarn. As a mother to two teenagers life is never dull! When she's not knitting can be found wandering the Pennines with her faithful cocker spaniel Bailee. Her favourite colour is blue or is it green? And she could sink a ship with the amount of tea she drinks!

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