Amano Yarns

Amano YarnsAmano Yarns produces the finest alpaca blends; sourced with care from the Andean alpaca they support and value the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca Project. This project was set up to ensure with the aim to improve the fibre quality and also livelihoods for small-scale alpaca shepherds.

Uniting their love for knitting and alpacas Amano Yarns offers knitters an alternative to fast fashion, they combine their ethically sourced alpaca with other luxury fibres to give you knitting yarns that will simply love to use and wear for years to come.

Amano's promise "We aim to make knitting with our yarn an exceptional experience for you. All our yarns are made of natural fibre and all our blends are unique. It is luxury in its purest form.
At Amano®, we have made a promise to nature. And we want to share that with you. We want to inspire you to feel the Andes the same way as we do through our yarns."

Tangled Yarn is proud to partner with Amano Yarns.


Amano Mamacha

£16.95 £5.00

Amano Puyu

£15.95 £5.00
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