Sirka® Counter [Grellow & Gray]

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Sirka® Counter [Grellow & Gray] - Dolphin / Classic - Tools - Grellow & Gray

An innovative knitting counter from Grellow & Gray; the Sirka® Counter, can track three separate counts, AT THE SAME TIME. So if you need to track decreases or increases, count rows and make buttonholes, all at the same time, the Sirka Counter will do all three!

The Sirka® Counter's come in two colour options, chose either Bird, yellow and blue or Dolphin purple and green.

Do you need to track up to six separate counts? Or, perchance, are you working on two different projects AT THE SAME TIME? If so, take a look at the "Rainbow" Sirka® Counter Set. The set consists of two, count 'em, two Sirka® counters in a rainbow of colours: the first counter with red, orange, and yellow discs and hands; and the second counter with seafoam, blue, and purple discs and hands.

You've the option of the Classic Sirka® Counter or the Sirka® Counter LP (lapel) which can be worn on a lanyard around your neck and the dial can be viewed the right way around like a nurse watch!

Make your selection from the drop-down menu above.

We also have Sirka® Bento Box, which is sold separately and design to protect your counter.

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