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Cottage Merino

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  • WalkCollection Cottage Merino is a single-ply yarn with a homespun character due to its slight variation in thickness. The low twist gives it a super fluffy texture and woolly feel, making it perfect for warm cosy sweaters.

    As a fingering weight knitting yarn, Cottage Merino is ideal for knitting many of the shawls in Westknits Bestknits Number 3 - Shawl Evolution
    by Stephen West

    This fabulous yarn is hand-dyed in German by Cathrin. It comes in a range of stunning colourways from speckled, to semi-solids and softly variegated. As with all hand-dyed yarn, each skein is unique. If you are planning a large knitting project, it is best to alternate skeins to ensure an even appearance of the colour.