Malabrigo Yarn

A family run yarn company, Malabrigo have been dyeing knitting wool since 2005; it all started in their kitchen. They now produce hand-dyed knitting yarns on a much larger scale with all their merino wool sourced in Uruguay, where the sheep are herded traditionally by shepherds and allowed to roam freely through the hills.

Pronounce “maul ah-breé go” Malabrigo are perhaps best known for their wonderful range of colours, from semi-solids to vibrant variegated shades knitters are drawn to these jewel like skeins; each and every one knits up beautifully to create unique knitting projects.


Malabrigo Lace

£7.95 £5.50

Malabrigo Finito

£10.50 £8.40

Malabrigo Mecha

£10.95 £7.75
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