Luxurious but Simple Cowl [Knitting Pattern]

Luxurious but Simple Cowl [Knitting Pattern] -  - Knitting Pattern - Mrs Moon

Luxurious but simple cowl by Mrs Moon

This large knitted cowl is as simple to knit as you can get, so if you are a complete beginner then this is for you! The cowl is long enough to twist over your neck and so you get two gorgeous layers of luxury knitwear keeping you warm rather than one.

The pattern gives instructions for knitting flat or in the round, but you will need to have a circular needle whichever method you go for due to the number of stitches needed for the length.

The cowl is knitted width-ways and so to ensure that none of the precious yarn is wasted we’ve changed colour wherever the yarn runs out. This means there is no right or wrong side, which is perfect when you are wearing it.

Size: one
Yarn: Mrs Moon Plump 4 skeins in different colours
Knitting Needles: 12mm circular needles (at least 80cm or longer)
Pattern Format: PDF download
Designer: Mrs Moon
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