Qing Fibre

Based in her East London studio, Layla Qing is the mastermind behind the dye pots at Qing Fibre. Layla started dyeing yarn in 2016, but already she has caused a stir among those of us who love hand-dyed yarns.

Layla has a wealth of experience working with colour from her time at University where she studied art. Setting aside her artist canvas and paints, Layla now hand-dyes yarn instead and enjoys watching knitters transform her skeins into their own works of art.

Here at Tangled Yarn, we have added two of her yarn bases Yak Single and Silky Merino Single. Both are exquisitely dyed; the yak is naturally a darker base, so the colours are deep and rich. While the silk being pure white shows colour off vividly.

All Qing Fibre yarns are ethically sourced from Peru. 

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