Everyday Wearables

Everyday Wearables -  - Crochet Book - The Crochet Project

Everyday Wearables is a collection of eight wardrobe staples by Joanne Scrace from The Crochet Project. 

"Whatever your motivation for wanting to create a handmade wardrobe, crochet can readily be used to build a wardrobe full of wearable staples. Often crochet has been viewed as “best for homewares and novelties” and struggled to lose the reputation created in the 1970s of ill-fitting granny square jackets. With an in-depth understanding of how crochet fabric is created, the need for drape and taking fit and construction lessons from both knitwear and dressmaking, I have created pieces that fit well and look great."

Included in this book is a series of photo tutorials in the book that take the adventurous beginner a step on and cover the skills needed to create beautiful pieces to cherish.

The yarns used in this book include Fyberspates Vivacious 4ply, Stolen Stitches Nua, Coopknits Socks Yeah! and Socks Yeah! DK.

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