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Cocoknits Sweater Care Kit

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The Cocoknits Sweater Care Kit contains everything needed to handwash and block handknit items, as well as other fine hand-washables. 

The Sweater Care Kit includes:
  • 2 x fine-mesh, zippered laundry bags (small: 8 × 12 × 8in, large: 8 × 22 × 8in)
  • 1 x large super-absorbent towel (36 × 60in)
  • 1 x super-absorbent grid towel, with inches and centimetres marked on opposite sides (dimensions 40 × 40in)
  • 1 x mesh pop-up dryer (28 × 34in open, 11in diameter folded
  • 1 x jute bag (dimensions 15 × 12 × 5in)
With the Sweater Care Kit you'll find it easy to block seamless sweaters or accessories that do not require pinning as well as being able to wash and dry seamed sweaters, either hand-knit or store-bought.