Limited Edition 'Going Places' by Brook Gossen X KATM

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Going Places is KATM's very first edition collection just for kids or the kid inside of all of us! They thought that the fabulous Brisbane based digital artist, Brook Gossen, would be the perfect person to collaborate with for something so special!

In developing this collection, the KATM team asked their kids what they loved hearing and the results are what you see on these labels! KATM then gave these heartfelt phrases to Brook so she could create vibrant designs that are sure to brighten each message for the wearer.

The details and colours in the labels are so intricate and joyful, reflecting their sentiment and intention. 

Included in each pack: 18 Labels + 7 Stickers featuring the label designs.

Dimensions per label:

You Are My Sunshine - 50mm x 23mm
You Are Clever - 30mm x 23mm
Be Yourself - 30mm x 23mm
I Love You - 30mm x 23mm
Heart/Asterisk - 20mm x 16mm

Label types: Centrefold, End fold