Jul Designs Corinthian Palm Shawl Pin

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Jul Designs Corinthian Palm Shawl Pin -  - Shawl Brooches & Pins - Jul Designs

The Corinthian Palm Shawl Pin was inspired by the palmette motifs in ancient Greek and Egyptian ornamentation of architecture and pottery. This botanical motif, though ancient, is also contemporary, ornate without being fussy. JUL Designs wanted to evoke a deep aesthetic history while creating a new and unique shape that is both beautiful and functional.

The one-piece design functions in a manner similar to a pin insofar as the 'tail' in the back goes down into your knitwear through all layers, and then comes back up to lie flat on the front-side of your fabric, holding it securely in place during use.

This stunning shawl pin would make a great addition to your finished knitting project, as well as being the perfect gift to give a knitter!

  • White Brass
  • Hand made Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • 3.25" long by 0.75" wide

JUL Designs are created by Laura Bellows in the USA, she is an artisan and creates the most beautiful shawl pins, leather clasps and bag handles which can compliment your finished knitting projects!

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