Jul Designs Lotus Garden Shawl Stick

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Jul Designs Lotus Garden Shawl Stick -  - Shawl Brooches & Pins - Jul Designs

JUL Designs Lotus Garden Shawl Stick is simply beautiful, a delicate and light shawl pin which evokes the zen of a lotus garden - its roots, its stems, and its flowers, leaves, and seed pods.

Wear the calm of this lotus garden shawl pin and imagine the exquisite and virtually indescribable perfume of the lotus blossoms with their translucent pink petals swaying above subtly conical leaves that turn beads of water into glittering quicksilver.

  • Hand made Fair Trade in Indonesia
  • Cast and Hand-Finished White Brass
  • 12 cm / 5" long
  • perfect gift for a knitter

    JUL Designs are created by Laura Bellows in the USA, she is an artisan and creates the most beautiful shawl pins, leather clasps and bag handles which can compliment your finished knitting projects!

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