Kinki Amibari Asymmetric Circular Needles

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Kinki Amibari Asymmetric Circular Needles  - Knitting Needles - Kinki Amibari - 1

Kinki Amibari (KA) Asymmetric circular needle make knitting smaller circumferences easy! 

These little needles work wonderfully because of their unique design, the needle tips are different lengths! The shorter needle tip (48mm) you hold in your left hand whilst knitting with the longer needle (59mm) in your right.

They are only 24cm*(9.5") in length and are made from the finest Japanese bamboo giving them a lightweight and warm feel. The transition from needle tip to cord is smooth. The flexible nylon cable is on a swivel connector that allows the cable to turn independently making these bamboo circular needles are real joy to use. 

If you not a fan of DPNs or magic loop for sock knitting then KA Asymmetric Needles make a great alternative!

*the packaging does say 23cm but we have measured the and they are actually 24cm in length

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