Maine Knits [Beatrice Perron Dahlen]

Maine Knits [Beatrice Perron Dahlen] -  - Knitting Book - Beatrice Perron Dahlen
MAINE Knits includes 16 knitting patterns plus essays from MAINE folk. Designs inspired by the Sea, Farm and Wild will keep your hands busy and warm your soul. These are the things that bring us peace, nourish us, help us breathe deeply and remind us to live a beautiful handmade life.
Knitting patterns by:
Carrie Bostick Hoge | Bristol Ivy
Cecily Glowik MacDonald
Mary Jane Mucklestone | Beatrice Perron Dahlen
Alicia Plummer | Leila Raabe | Elizabeth Smith
Kristen TenDyke | Leah B. Thibault


Essays by:
Sarah Kilch Gafney | Julie Letowski
Samantha Lindgren | Becky Robbins
Beautifully photographed throughout Maine Knits includes garments and accessories; knitting techniques covered in the designs are lace, cables, colorwork and much more!
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