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Mason-Dixon Knitting

MDK Field Guide No. 14 Refresh

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A welcome breeze of clean, fresh design from Carol Feller, much loved Irish knitwear designer. There are four patterns in this Field Guide by Carol that explore texture, structure, and the beauty of Stolen Stitches Nua Sport

This is a gorgeous display of Carol Feller’s agile way with stitch patterns, cables, and structure. For more information on each pattern please visit Ravelry.

  • Transom Cardigan - Carol’s training as an engineer shines in this cardigan. The fun of exploring clever construction is what this design is all about. The saddle shoulders, the shape of the garment—it all converges in a forever piece that combines classic and modern. And her training as a textile artist means that the fabric we’re making is a perfect weight, just gorgeous.
  • Twining Wrap - There’s a reason knitters love to knit shawls and wraps: it’s knitting at its most painterly. No need to think about size or fit, and with today’s knitters more clever than ever, a great shawl design allows for expanding skills. Here, Carol mixes cables, knit/purl patterns, and a triangle shape in a lush snuggler. 
  • Trellis Top - When Kay and Ann began to plan this Field Guide with Carol, their conversation included talk of a poncho. But Carol’s imagination took her far afield from the familiar drapey extravaganza, to this neat, versatile layer. It has the same easy feel of a poncho, but the buttons down the sides mean you can wear it as you like.
  • Arcade Cap - A beanie for a cool day. The lighter yarn makes this a winner for a windy day, or maybe a day when you’re craving a cover. This is a fast, clever knit.

Also included on the inside back cover is a Ravelry download code.