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The Crochet Project

Pick and Mix

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Pick and Mix Colourwork Designs with Endless Variations by Joanna Scrace of The Crochet Project. Pick and Mix allows you to create your own completely unique design by pairing your choice of sweater, cardigan or hat with your choice of four colourwork patterns and your choice of four main stitch patterns. They all work beautifully together without the need for any extra maths, but The Crochet Project have included the maths and pattern writing assumptions as well, so you can have a go at designing your own stitch patterns if you’re feeling more adventurous! 

Each stitch pattern is written and charted so you can use whichever instructions you prefer, and there's lots of advice throughout the book to help you create the perfect item even if it is your first garment. All the colourwork patterns use only one colour at a time, so there's no need for stranding, and there’s also the chance to make a patch pocket or a hat to get practice with the colourwork pattern before you dive in. 

All the patterns are unisex and sized from 2 to 10 years for children and 32" to 64" chest for adults so you can make a sweater for almost anyone!  

All the designs are shown in Socks Yeah! DK