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  • Chiaogoo TWIST Lace Interchangeable Knitting Needles

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    • ChiaoGoo TWIST Interchangeables knitting needles are possibly one of the best Stainless Steel circular needles you will find. Beautifully presented in their own case, each needle tip has it's own labelled pocket, so you know exactly where to find it. There are pockets for storing the cables and additional accessories too.

      ChiaoGoo needles tips are precise without being too pointy, as a knitter I love them as I'm sure you will too! They are available in two different lengths; 4" (10cm) and 5"(13cm).

      We offer ChiaoGoo TWIST Interchangeables with different sized needles tips; the Small Set includes 2.75 - 5mm, the Large Set includes 5.5 - 10mm and the Complete Set includes 2.75 - 10mm. 

      NB. not included 3mm tips

      The red cables have a steel core, and so they have no memory. Twist them, and they'll always go back to their original straight shape. 

      Included are a range of cables, connectors, stoppers and stitch markers, all packed up in a beautiful case.