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    PetiteKnit "Put Your Stitches On Hold" - Stitch Holders

    PetiteKnit's stitch holders are great! They are very useful when you want to put your stitches on hold or when you need to try on your knitting project. All you need to do is tie a knot to secure the stitches once you have transferred them onto the stitch holder.

    Stitch holders fit knitting needle sizes 2-5 mm / US 0-8 

    Please note stitch holder cords are not a replacement for the cables used for interchangeable knitting needles.

    Each pack contains three stitch holders. 

    Diameter: 2 mm
    Length: 3  of 100 cm [39"], 2 pcs of 1500cm m [59"]
    Colour: Cream / Toffee