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Twig & Horn Wraps Per Inch Tool

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Intuitive design meets a modern aesthetic with Twig & Horn's Wraps Per Inch Tool! 

Made from an eco-friendly Fibrex MDF board made with 100% recycled/recovered, FSC certified wood content—the same material you'll find matches the rest of Twig & Horn's maker collection.

There's a tiny notch on the left side bottom so that you can easily catch and wrap your yarn to work out how many wraps per inch (wpi). A carefully drilled hole at the top can be used to hang it for storage, attach it to a project tote, or pair it with Twig & Horn's Gauge Ruler Keychain. And beautifully finished off with the cutest sheep — to show people how serious you are about yarn!

Using a classic method of establishing yarn weight, you can quickly identify 'mystery yarns' in your stash without the stress of hunting down original labels.

100% Recycled MDF
Made in Maine