Addi Lace Circular Needles

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Addi Sock Rockets launched in the US in 2013, UK knitters need wait no longer because Addi has now made them available here too!

They are perfect for lace knitting as they have extra sharp needle tips that are ideal for manipulating multiple stitches when increasing and decreasing. They are nickel-plated to like the Addi Premium Circular Needles. Making knitting much quicker, as stitches slide more easily along the needle tip. Like the original Addi Lace Circulars, the Sock Rockets have the distinctive fixed red cable, except size 2mm, this is a gold coloured cable.

We currently stock in three lengths; 40cm, 80cm and 100cm and in sizes 2mm - 8mm.

Made in Germany

please note that Addi has rebranded their packaging inline with the rest of their European range.

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