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Martin's Lab


Homecoming is a collection of eleven knitting patterns curated by Martin's Lab; it celebrates life’s beautiful contrasts. Homecoming also showcases Aubrey Sport; Martin's Labs new yarn. Aubrey Sport combines two fibres both known for their quiet strength and luxurious drape – Blue Faced Leicester and silk. The back-to-basics palette revitalises perennial favourite colours – no speckles, no fades, just good old semi-solids in irresistible shades inspired by nature.

There are contributions from a fabulous array of knitwear designers

  • Julie Dubreux
  • Carol Feller
  • Jonna Hietala
  • Bristol Ivy
  • Asia Janeczek
  • Isabell Kraemer
  • Justyna Lorkowska
  • Christelle Nihoul
  • Dieuwke Schack-Mulligen
  • Woolly Wormhead

This is a pattern book to treasure with garments and accessories to engage your heart and hands with beauty and comfort.

Details on the yarn amounts and colours used can be found on Ravelry.