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    Knit This!

    Knit This! 21 Gorgeous Everyday Knit Patterns – Veronika Lindberg 

    A collection of 21 gorgeous knit patterns Knit This has a simple Scandi feel and playful details with a contemporary, feminine style that is elegant and wearable with comfort in mind.

    Knit This includes advanced and beginner-friendly knitting projects. Whether a keen amateur or seasoned knitter, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be hooked!

    Patterns include 12 sweater patterns, four hats, two pairs of mittens, a scarf and two pairs of socks.  

    About the author

    Veronika, or Kika for short, learned to knit at age five: her first piece was a pink pony with more holes than intact stitches. She has been fascinated by the magic of yarn turning into fabric in her own hands. She launched her Instagram account @Kutovakika (meaning ‘knitting Kika’ in Finnish) in 2017 while living in Stockholm, and two years later started her YouTube channel while living in London. Today, Kika shares her knitting passion and tips with her audience of more than 330,000 active online followers. She returned to her hometown Helsinki in 2020, living with her partner and two cats. 

    Format: hardback