KnitPro Cubics Interchangeable Needles Tips

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KnitPro Cubics Interchangeable Needles Tips  - Knitting Needles - KnitPro

KnitPro Cubics are perfect for beginners and a must-have for experienced knitters. They are squared shaped with tapered tips making them the ideal knitting companion for those who suffer from arthritis or repetitive stress injuries. Knitting with KnitPro Cubics will also ensure a much more even tension to your stitches.

Cubrics Interchangeable needle tips are sold in pairs and should be used in conjunction with KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Cables, which are available in various lengths giving you greater flexibility to meet your individual knitting needs!

Each tip measures 116mm and  are presented in Symfonie Rose Wood.

Please select the size you require from the drop-down menu.

KnitPro Cubics Interchangeable Needles Tips has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.
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