Twig & Horn Sock Stitch Markers

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Travel back to simpler times with Twig & Horn vintage-inspired Sock Stitch Markers. Inspired by antique typewriters, you can almost hear the soothing click-clack of keys as they slide onto your needles. Each charm is made of antique brass, features a black enamel finish, and offers unique contrast up against your knitting fabric.

This set of speciality markers features standard abbreviations used most commonly for sock knitting, as well as other project types. Abbreviations are displayed on one side of each charm—meaning you can flip them over to their plain sides to denote a row that will not decrease.

Each set of our Sock Stitch Markers comes on a 40mm antique brass ring with hook and latch for easy storage—attach it to the corner hole of the Sock Sizing Ruler, to the zip pull of your project bag.