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    Twig & Horn Waxed Canvas Crossbody Tote

    Elevate your craft to the level of luxury, with this signature piece featuring the quality American craftsmanship you’ve come to know and love from Twig & Horn.

    Equal parts rugged and water repellent, Twig & Horn's Waxed Canvas Crossbody Project Totes are built to last. Waxed canvas is economical, animal-friendly and easy to clean! Much like leather, the everlasting durability of this cotton canvas makes it a sustainable option. Like a fine wine, waxed canvas only gets better with age. This is largely due to its ability to create a beautiful distressed patina effect, showcasing marks, scuffs, and scratches for a craftsman-inspired appearance that is uniquely yours.

    Easily knit while on the go, with no worry of your yarn getting caught or tangled. Each Waxed Canvas Crossbody Project Tote has a removable zippered project bag with four yarn guide grommets, great for keeping wound yarn separate, accessory projects, or securing your phone and wallet. Two large projects fit inside in addition to the removable zipper tote, making this bag an ideal solution for knitters who like to carry multiple WIPs, patterns, or a journal.