Isadora Cowl Knit Along Halfway!

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We are at the halfway point in our Isadora Cowl KAL. Quite a few people in the Tangled Yarn Ravelry group have already finished as this really is a quick and easy knit!


I am using Amitola Grande in Pumpkin (526) and Trenzar in Honey (303)


Isadora is a great first-time project if you've not knit in the round before. A question that arose was how to join in the round, there are few methods of doing this. My preferred way is to swap the first and last cast on stitch.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Make sure that there are no twists in your stitches. Your working yarn should be in your right hand at the back of your work so that you'll be ready to knit the first stitch.
  2. Move the first stitch on the left needle purl wise to your right needle.
  3. Take the second stitch on your right needle (the last stitch up casted on) and pass it over the stitch you've just slipped onto the left needle.
  4. Begin knitting your first round, starting with the first stitch on your left needle.

    1  2

    3 4


    Another suggestion made was to knit the first two rows back and forth, and then join your stitches in the round; later you go back and seam the first two rows using your cast-on tail.

    Top Tips: 
    • Stitch markers will be your friends in this project! The pattern recommends using 20 and these will help you keep track of the pattern repeats and save you losing count!
    • I found a 100cm circular needle was best for making sure there was no twist in my cast-on stitches.


    There's still time to join in and the pattern is free to download. Remember to post your progress pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag #tangledyarnuk



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