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  • Knit with YLVA: Eco-Friendly, Plant-Dyed Yarns

    May 01, 2024 3 min read 0 Comments

    Knit with YLVA: Eco-Friendly, Plant-Dyed Yarns

    We stumbled upon the gem that is Ylva by Hey Mama Wolf at the H+H handcraft trade show in Cologne this March, and I'm chuffed to bits to now have it in our little shop. YLVA, once known as Schafswolle No. 03, brings a hearty dose of nature and sustainability to Tangled Yarn.


    Introducing YLVA by Hey Mama Wolf

    Ylva is an exceptional yarn created by the highly innovative Jule Kebelmann, who now leads as the creative director of Hey Mama Wolf. This yarn goes beyond just being a simple yarn and showcases the beauty and practicality of eco-friendly knitting.

    YLVA - Hey Mama Wolf

    Hey Mama Wolf Ylva comes in 12 beautiful colours - 100% wool - ( 240m / 100g)

    Each skein of Ylva is carefully spun from fibers collected from small sheep farms in Northern and Eastern Germany and dyed using plant dyes in Vienna, Austria. The result is a yarn that boasts of rich, subtle shades that only Mother Nature can create.

    We are thrilled to offer this fantastic plant-dyed yarn to you, and we can't wait for you to appreciate its exquisite craftsmanship.


    Meet Jule Kebelmann, A Pioneer in Plant-Dyed Yarns and Advocate for German Yarns

    Jule Kebelmann isn't just the brains behind Hey Mama Wolf; she's a passionate advocate of sustainable knitting and a champion of German yarns, with a profound expertise in plant-dyeing techniques.

    Jule Kebelmann, the creative director and founder of Hey Mama Wolf

    Her journey into the world of natural dyes was ignited by a desire to reconnect with the traditional textile methods that respect our surroundings. Over the years, Jule has honed her craft, transforming locally sourced, organic materials into vibrant, eco-friendly yarns.

    Her unwavering dedication to promoting German yarns and sustainability has earned her a well-deserved place of respect in the knitting community, and her story is truly inspiring.


    What to Expect When Knitting with Plant-Dyed Yarns

    Knitting with plant-dyed yarns like YLVA offers a uniquely satisfying experience, though it does come with its own quirks. Here's what you can look forward to, along with a few tips to smooth over any bumps:

    • Unique Colour Variations: Each batch of Ylva is like a box of chocolates – you never quite know what you'll get. Influenced by everything from the local soil quality to the seasonal rainfall, the natural dyes deliver vibrant, earthy tones with slight variations that make each project distinctly yours.

    • Colour Fastness: A bit of a pickle with plant-dyed yarns is that the colours might bleed or fade as time goes on. This happens because natural dyes aren't as fixed as the synthetic ones.

    Tip: Give your yarn a gentle wash in cool water with a bit of pH-neutral soap before you start your project. It'll help keep any colour bleeding to a minimum.

    • Dye Transfer to Hands: Don't be surprised if some dye rubs off your hands or needles while knitting. It's all part of the charm with these natural dyes.

    Tip: Have a damp cloth to wipe down your hands or tools if you spot any dye sneaking onto them. It'll keep your work tidy and consistent.


    • Eco-Friendly Knitting: Choosing Ylva means you're not just knitting; you're doing your bit for the environment. Plant-dyed yarns skip the harsh chemicals you find in synthetic dyes, making them a safer bet for the planet and your home.
    • A Connection to Tradition: Knitting with Ylva ties you to the deep-rooted history of textile art. Plant dyeing is an age-old method used for centuries across cultures. Every stitch adds beauty and warmth and carries the legacy of traditional craftsmanship.
    • Sensory Pleasure: The texture and scents of plant-dyed yarns turn knitting into a profoundly sensory experience. The natural softness of the wool, mixed with the gentle natural fragrances, makes your knitting session that much more relaxing.
    • A Rustic Charm That Softens Over Time: Ylva is a rustic yarn that embraces its natural texture, enhancing the sensory experience. With each wash, you'll find the wool becomes softer, evolving beautifully as it becomes even more comfortable to work with and wear. This unique characteristic ensures that your knitted creations not only last but improve with age.

    Wrapping Up

    Having discovered Ylva at H+H Cologne, our shop is now a sanctuary for knitters who prize sustainability and uniqueness in their knitting. Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just starting, Ylva provides the perfect chance to enjoy knitting with yarns that are as beautiful as they are environmentally friendly.

    Everywhere Sweater, shown knit in Ylva in Light Grey

    Ylva is available to order online or call in and see this beautiful yarn for yourself in store, and let’s see where this plant-dyed journey takes your knitting next. Happy knitting, everyone!