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    La Droguerie 23 mm Platin Pion Button

    Add Timeless Elegance to Your Knitting Projects

    Elevate your knitting with the sophisticated La Droguerie 23 mm Platin Pion Button. Perfect for adding a chic, timeless touch to your handmade items, this elegant button is a must-have for any knitting enthusiast.


    • Perfect Size: At 23 mm, it's ideal for a variety of knitting projects.
    • Elegant Design: This round button features two holes and is crafted from a natural material – a mixture of tiny stones like sand agglomerated with resin. It evokes the beauty of the beach at low tide, known as the “platin.”
    • Premium Material: Made from a unique blend of natural stones and resin, offering durability and a refined finish.
    • Timeless Appeal: The chic and sober design ensures it complements any knitwear beautifully.
    • Versatile: Suitable for various clothing items, including cardigans, sweaters, and accessories.

    Perfect For:

    • Fashion: Add a sophisticated touch to your knitted jumpers, cardigans, and other knitwear.
    • Crafting: These buttons are ideal for hand-knitted bags, scarves, and elegant fashion items.
    • Home Decor: Use them to embellish knitted blankets, cushion covers, and other home textiles.