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  • Grand Shetland Adventure Knits

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    Grand Shetland Adventure Knits by Mary Jane Mucklestone & Gudrun Johnston

    A beautiful book co-authored by knitting friends Mary Jane Mucklestone & Gudrun Johnston, published by Laine. A love letter to the Shetland Isles, their nature, traditions and people. It features 14 knitwear patterns perfect for a trip to Shetland, from cosy socks and hats to colourwork sweaters.

    Short travel stories showcase some of Mary Jane and Gudrun's favourite places to visit, taking you on an unforgettable journey to a place that has significantly impacted the knitting world despite its small size and remote location.

    Mary Jane Mucklestone, also known as MJ, is a knitwear designer, teacher, and author of several knitting books based in Maine. She is endlessly enchanted and inspired by Shetland's windswept isles. The Shetland Peerie Makker's after-school knitting program uses her book "200 Fair Isle Motifs," which, to MJ, is like winning an Oscar!

    Gudrun Johnston is a Shetland-born knitwear designer currently based in Massachusetts. Heritage-inspired modern-day patterns are her speciality. She often visits Shetland and enjoys spending time with her family on the Westside.