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  • Knitted Kalevala by Jenna Kostet

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    What does knitted folk poetry look like? How can a sweater be both a garment and a story?

    Knitted Kalevala by Jenna Kostet includes 18 knitting patterns – sweaters, cardigans and accessories – inspired by Kalevala. Considered a national epic in Finland, Kalevala contains old poems full of Baltic-Finnic mythology, ancient symbols, mythical creatures and nature. These, as well as other Finnish, Scandinavian and Baltic influences, can be seen in the decorative colourwork patterns of the designs. They are also a wonderful alternative to the popular Icelandic sweaters.

    All the designs are knitted in one piece, and the colourwork only uses two colours simultaneously, making them accessible to all levels of knitters. The patterns use a variety of lighter and heavier yarns and include several options for suitable yarns.

    • 18 knitting patterns (12 sweaters, two cardigans, two socks, one pair of mittens and one hat)
    • digital download code for charts 
    • Hardback
    • Published by Laine

    Includes beautiful photography throughout, as you'd expected from Laine.

    About the designer
    Jenna Kostet (@ihtiriekkoknits) is a writer and a knitwear designer known for enchanting patterns, such as the Suolaulu Sweater, which thousands have made by knitters around the world. She has studied ethnology and folkloristics and has published numerous historical novels and children’s books in Finland. In her knitwear designs, Jenna emphasises the stories, the continuation of traditions and the joy of creativity.