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  • PetiteKnit Needle Size Labels

    A sheet of iron-on transfers with the most common needles sizes in both metric and US sizes. These can be ironed on where you want so it is easier to find the exact size, you are looking for.

    The package contains a sheet with transfers and an empty sheet to be placed between the needle case and the iron while transferring the labels.

    Please follow the instructions for use carefully.

    1. Cut out the sizes individually and place them one by one on the pockets. 
    2. With the glossy side up, place the empty sheet of ironing plastic on top of the cut-out size.
    3. Turn on the iron to high heat with no steam. Transfer the size by placing the iron on top of the ironing plastic and pressing down gently for about 20 to 25 seconds.
      It is important not to let the iron touch outside of the ironing plastic to avoid discolorations due to the high heat. Avoid pushing the iron around as it might cause the transferred size to distort. 
    4. Let the plastic cool of entirely before removing it. 

    Please do not iron directly on the already transferred sizes. We only recommend using the iron-on labels on 100% cotton.

    You can make a test by ironing on the PetiteKnit logo label on another piece of cotton before transferring the sizes to your Knitter’s Needle Case.

    Please be advised that use of the iron-on labels is at your own risk.

    PetiteKnit needle case can be found here.