Retrosaria Brusca

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Retrosaria Brusca - A (undyed) - DK Knitting Yarn - Retrosaria


100% WOOL 
DK / LIGHT WORSTED - 50G, 125M (136 YDS)
19 - 21STS & 28 - 30 ROWS = 10CM

Brusca is a breed and flock specific yarn from Retrosaria in Portugal. It is 50% Saloia and 50% Merino White and Merino Black wool. Saloia is the native sheep breed to the region of Lisbon and Setúbal in Portugal. It is well documented since the 19th century as it was one of the finest available in the country. 

A rustic heavy DK yarn Brusca is a great choice for knitting sweaters. It comes in a wonderful colour palette, and texture makes it an excellent choice for colourwork.

Brusca is made from the wool of free range sheep. Mulesing is not practised in Portugal.

Grown, scoured, milled and dyed in Portugal.
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