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    Allstitch Studio Small Flower Stitch Markers

    Let me introduce you to the most divine stitch markers from Allstitch Studios.

    They are not only beautiful but practical too. Stitch markers are an essential tool for knitters. Whether you are keeping track of the beginning of a round or marking where you need to increase or decrease, Allstitch Studio stitch markers will brighten up your knitting.

    Allstudio Studio Flower Stitch Markers are seamless and they are magnetic. They will work with our Cocoknits Maker's Keep.

    Each set includes 32 stitch markers in each set. 

    Available for knitting needle sizes up to:

    • 5mm (US8)

    Available in the flower colours:

    • Cool Tones: shades of blues & greens
    • Warm Tones: shades of reds & pinks