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  • The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook

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    Ganseys are hardwearing sweaters traditionally knitted for fishermen in and around the British Isles. Today, the styling and history of ganseys is as popular as ever and this collection of stitch patterns and projects brings the history of ganseys to a new audience.

    Learn all about the techniques used for knitting ganseys with this comprehensive sourcebook from experts in the subject, Di Gilpin and Sheila Greenwell. Di and Sheila are knitwear designers and makers based in Scotland where they teach regular workshops on traditional gansey techniques.

    In The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook, you will discover all the techniques you need to make an authentic gansey sweater with its special features, which were developed for warmth and comfort in harsh sea conditions. Ganseys were designed with a unique underarm gusset and a shoulder seam which prevented chaffing and improved movement for the wearer even when the jumper got wet and heavy.

    The authors explain these techniques with step-by-step instructions and artwork so you can replicate these details in your own work.

    Another key element to the gansey is the stitch pattern which was specific to the local area and often had a symbolism beyond the pattern itself and, some hoped, would act as a charm to keep the fishermen safe while they were out at sea. This collection features a comprehensive directory of 150 gansey stitch patterns. You can choose your favourite designs and motifs and learn which patterns were essential to the fishermen in different areas.

    There are also ten patterns for garments and accessories so you can practise your skills. The projects include a child’s traditional gansey sweater so you can try out your skills on a traditional sweater but on a small scale. There are also some contemporary takes on the traditional gansey using lighter weight yarn and design details: these include a beautiful sweater with a gansey yoke; a contemporary take on the fisherman’s kep; a gansey stitch cowl; a pair of mittens and socks; and light linen tank top.

    The smaller projects, such as the mittens and hats, are great for practising your skills before you attempt one of the larger projects. Get your copy of The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook via the channels below.