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  • Attaboy!

    January 29, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

    Today I'm handing over the blog to designer Justyna Lorkowska. Back in December 2014 I asked Justyna if she would like to come up with a design for one of my favourite yarns Big Merino Hug from Rosy Green Wool; I was thrilled when she agreed. Here's what she had to say....

    I love playing with colours so when Rachel invited me to make a colourful sweater, I responded with an immediate and enthusiastic, “YES!”

    My excitement grew when I learned the assignment was to showcase Big Merino Hug. I had sketched Attaboy Cardigan a while ago then put it aside to wait for just the right yarn to be born. Now I recognised the perfect moment had arrived to breathe life into this project. This yarn's name is a true reflection of its most obvious quality -  worked up into this cardigan it is just like a big, soft hug that keeps me warm and toasty. The butter-like softness of BMH is almost scandalously indecent (and we haven't even talked about colourways yet - more on that later!). As with all of Rosy Green Wool's yarns, Big Merino Hug is certified organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which means that the wool comes exclusively from sheep that are raised and cared for according to approved organic farming standards. The dyeing process also meets strict rules set out by GOTS, so no copper or other harmful chemicals are used.  This guarantees that you have a 100% organic yarn for your hand knitting and crochet. How awesome is that?



    As if that weren't enough, Big Merino Hug is available in a rainbow of colourways, with limited edition colours added seasonally. I eagerly began putting together all sorts of colourful combinations in my mind, but the one that had my name written all over it was a beige-green-brown combo. I love earth tones and the resulting cardigan fits into my wardrobe perfectly.



    Here are some ideas for you, ranging from very safe and neutral to playful and wild.



    The possibilities are endless. Consider monochromatic gradients or more bold contrasts. Ultimately, the choice of colour is dependent solely on the knitter’s preferences, mood, or other clothes in her closet. But keep in mind, you won't want to limit this cardi to a weekend mate for jeans. Believe me; it could be equally appropriate paired with less casual pieces. 



    Attaboy Cardigan is worked from top to bottom with raglan sleeve shaping. The upper body is worked in stocking stitch in the main colour, then the 3 additional colours are introduced below the waist in the False Flame stitch, a pattern which gives the illusion of complicated colourwork without actually carrying yarn anywhere! What could be simpler or more relaxing to knit? Once you finish the body, the ribbed front bands and shawl collar are picked up and shaped with short rows, then finally the sleeves are worked, in the round, and finished with an abbreviated False Flame pattern on long cuffs. If you like, work up the ribbed belt to fasten the cardigan.



    I like to wear mine open - my belt is mostly used when I go out and need to close the cardi under a coat or jacket. The length is just perfect to keep me warm without being bothersome or getting in the way. Underneath I wear just a short sleeved top – this way I can feel the softness of the yarn next to my skin. It’s exquisite!

    The cardigan is sized from XS to XXL. For proper fit, choose a size with a finished chest measurement slightly larger than your actual bust - Attaboy is designed with positive ease to be roomy and comfortable.

    One last thing - aran weight yarn means a fast knit! Making an adult-sized garment in a short time is supremely gratifying, and that's the experience that awaits you when you cast on for Attaboy! 

    Love Justyna x