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  • Best Gifts For New Knitters & Crocheters

    November 17, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

    Best Gifts for New Knitters & Crocheters

    It's that time of year; The pumpkins have vanished, the last of the halloween goodies have been polished off, and like it or not, our minds start to shift to the festive season ahead. And you know what that means, tis’ the season of gift-giving!

    If you are here on the Tangled Yarn blog, you are probably no stranger to crafting, and perhaps are already busy handmaking gifts for loved ones (if that's not you, don't worry, you are definitely not alone!). But what about friends and loved ones who are budding crafters themselves? The ones who are either just starting on their making journey, or dreaming of picking up some needles or a crochet hook and don't know where to start? Well, you are at the right place! We have some fantastic gift ideas for them that will have them creating cherished FO's in no time. Check them out below!


    Knit How - Simple Knits, Tools & Tips 

    Knit How - Simple Knits, Tools & Tips


    Knit How from Pom Pom Publishing is a fantastic introduction to knitting for beginners. It is full of tutorials and advice, with ten knitting patterns from accessories to garments that grow in complexity as your skills do, all in Pom Pom gorgeous signature style! A Ravelry Download will also come with your purchase.


    Urban Knit Easy

    Urban Knit Easy


    Urban Knit Easy by Leeni Hoimela is a stunning book to have in any knitters collection. Similar to Knit How, it guides knitters through their first knitting projects, and then builds on those skills as your confidence grows. It's a book that you will find yourself reaching for year after year, and perfectly reflects the simple and timeless Nordic lifestyle.


    Cocoknits Tape Measure 

    Cocoknits Tape Measure


    The entire range of Cocoknit notions is gorgeous and knitters of all levels will love to build a Cocoknits notions collection, but for beginners there's no better place to start than with one of these gorgeous tape measures. They come in beautiful colours and are ideal when trying to get to grips with measuring gauge!

    Because Cocoknits is committed to avoiding plastic wherever possible, they manufactured it from PLA, a 100% biodegradable plant fibre (similar to the Needle Gauge, but not water-soluble). The absence of a locking mechanism keeps them 100% plastic-free and reduces the likelihood of breakage.


    Kylie and the Machine Woven Labels 

    Kylie and the Machine Woven Labels


    There is nothing as satisfying as creating your own clothes, and what better way to celebrate each piece than finishing it with a special label that lets everyone know it's handmade. These labels by Kylie and the Machine are perfect for slipping into a maker-friend's stocking, or if you are making gifts yourself, add that extra special touch for the reciprocant.


    Chiaogoo Twist Shorties 

    Chiaogoo Shorties


    Though beginners often start with a basic scarf when learning to knit, it’s actually far more beneficial (and fun!) if they challenge themselves a little with something like a hat. They’ll learn much more, and they’re way quicker, especially when using thicker yarn. You'll have multiple options for making small circular needles with this set of interchangeable needles from Chiaogoo.They include both 5cm and 8cm needle tips along with three different length cables 13cm - 15cm. Giving you lots of options for knitting smaller circumferences in the round, you can make circulars from 23 - 36cm.


    Vera Mandala Crochet Kit

    Vera Crochet Mandala


    If you know a friend who has started dabbling with crochet and wants to try something a little different, then the Vera Manadala Crochet Kit may be for them! Designed by Emma at Pineapple Fibre Arts, it includes everything you need to make this beautiful 30cm piece of wall art. It’s ideal for confident beginners, and is a wonderful way to build skills that result in something that can sit proudly on their wall for years to come!


    Above is just a small selection of the wonderful gift possibilities we have for the newbie crafters in your life, so if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the options, you can always let them choose for themselves with a Tangled Yarn Gift Card! Email Gift Cards are delivered directly to your email box. You can then either print and include it with a card or simply email it directly to the recipient.


    Hey, don’t forget about your Wish List!

    The Tangled Yarn website has a fabulous feature that lets you add the products you love to a personalised wish list of your own. No more saving links or making notes that get lost, all of your favourite items are easily stored by clicking on the handy ‘Add To Wish List’ button on each product page. You can access your wish list at any time, and if you are logged into your account you can edit and view it whether you're on your computer, phone, or tablet. Pretty cool, hey?

    So, what do you think of our gift round-up for new knitters and crocheters? Would you have loved any of these when you were first starting on your creative journey, or is there something else we haven’t included? Let us know in the comments below!