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  • Serendipity - Blacker Yarns BFL Lace

    July 13, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

    Blacker Yarns Bluefaced Leicester Laceweight

    Blacker Yarns BFL Lace 

    I’ve been on the lookout for an interesting lace weight yarn to stock; I wanted something that would feel soft enough wear against the skin but would also stand up to being worn often, it had to drape beautifully and hold its block well. Colour was important too; I wanted vivid bright colours and softer neutrals. Purely by chance, Sonja at Blacker Yarns got in touch; they had decided to update the colours in their popular Bluefaced Leicester Lace. When I saw the new colour palette which was inspired by the underwater world of the coral reef and its inhabitants I just couldn’t resist.


    Blacker Yarns BFL Lace BFL Lace in Ivory Tree Coral, Glowlight Tetra, Shoal and Moonlight Gourami  


    Blacker Yarns BFL Lace ticks all the right boxes for me. It’s worsted spun, which means that it’s undergone a process in the Blacker mill to remove the shorter, coarser fibres leaving you a knitting yarn that is luxuriously soft and light. The lustre of BFL means it takes colour well which creates bright saturated shades; there are 12 new colours and one undyed. You can see that Blacker has given the colour palette a lot of consideration, giving you plenty of possible colour combinations to chose from.


    Pattern Ideas for BFL Lace

    I can see lots of possibilities for knitting projects with BFL Lace, perhaps Featherweight by Hannah Fettig in several different colours to match all my summer dresses. A hap is certainly a must, and I’ve already picked out Gudrun Johnston’s Deepdale. One knitting pattern that’s been in my Ravelry queue almost a year is Hartland Cliffs by Sonja Bargielowska. I didn’t waste much time and cast on my shawl in Shoal, a deep teal blue and Moonlight Gourami a pale green which reminds me of my grandma’s vintage teacups. It’s a dream to knit with, it has a soft hand and has produced a light fabric that I know will drape beautifully, I’ve just got a couple more rows to go! I love Sonja’s Hartland Cliff which she has just knit in Beadlet Anemone and Acropora, her shawl is romantic and feminine in these wonderful purples.


    Pattern Ideas for Blacker Yarns BFL Lace  Hartland Cliffs, Deepdale and Featherweight


    If you fancy trying BFL Lace for yourself I can highly recommend Hartland Cliffs, it’s free to download, and you need only two balls of BFL Lace in one of each colour. The pattern is suitable for a beginner but interesting enough for an intermediate knitter and if you’ve not tried short rows before it’s a good first-time project to learn an invaluable technique.

    I'll be sharing my finished Hartland Cliffs in the next few days on Instagram, if you decide to cast on a project in this wonderful yarn don't forget to share by using the hashtags #tangledyarnuk