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  • Introducing Saona: A Yarn Full of Family Memories and Sustainable Goodness!

    June 28, 2023 2 min read 0 Comments

    Blog posts Introducing Saona: A Yarn Full of Family Memories and Sustainable Goodness!

    Hello there, yarn enthusiasts!

    We're super excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our collection here at Tangled Yarn: Saona, the amazing yarn from Wooldreamers. It's not just any yarn — it's a yarn brimming with heartwarming family stories and sustainable values.

    Let's dive into the heart of Saona's story. On every label, you'll find the words "Nuestros viajes a Saona," which means "Our trips to Saona." Those words hold so much meaning as they're filled with precious family memories. Imagine this: a picturesque river where Ramón's grandfather, Julián, and his sons, Teodoro and Ramón, used to cart their woollen fleeces. They'd spend their days washing, drying, carding, spinning, and weaving blankets, a labour of love and craftsmanship that now lives on through Saona.




    This beautiful collection pays homage to those traditions while embracing sustainability. We've teamed up with the talented Hailey Smedley, also known as @Ozetta on Instagram, to design a palette of colours that perfectly complements Saona's texture and tones. Just like Saona, Hailey's work is rooted in family tradition and love—her grandmother taught her the art of knitting, and that passion shines through in her creations.



    Wooldreamers Saona

    Wooldreamers Saona 50% Andalusian Cotton, 50% Merino Entrefino and Manchego Wool 


    Now, let's talk about what makes Saona so incredible. It’s a fingering weight yarn made from a unique blend of 50% Andalusian Cotton, 50% Merino Entrefino, and Manchego Wool. The cotton used in this yarn comes from Andalucía, and it's completely traceable. We love supporting local communities while enjoying sustainable fibre, and Saona lets us do just that. It's also certified with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, so you know it's been produced in an environmentally conscious way, ensuring there's minimal carbon emissions.


    We couldn't be prouder to offer you Saona at Tangled Yarn. This yarn is all about family, tradition, and sustainability balled up into pure joy. Every stitch you make with Saona becomes a part of a story that stretches back generations, and we are so happy to give you a chance to play a part in that story too.

    To celebrate Saona being added to Tangled Yarn, we've curated a Pinterest board filled with even more Saona project ideas, ensuring you'll never run out of inspiration for this incredible yarn. From cosy shawls to stylish summer tees, from knitting to crochet, there's something for everyone, so grab your needles, dive into the world of Saona, and let your imagination soar. Click here to explore our Saona pattern ideas on Pinterest.


    Patterns for Wooldreams Saona

    Do you have a favourite pattern on our Saona Pinterest board?

    We’d love to know in the comments below!