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Say Hello to Summer with Mojave

May 09, 2019


Say Hello to Summer with Mojave

Remember last summer! It was so hot, and it seemed to last forever, right? When things do warm up it’s tricky to know what yarn to knit with, well I have the answer. This week saw the arrival of Mojave from Kelbourne Woolens in the US. It’s acellulose-based yarn of cotton and linen which makes for pleasant summer knitting, no sweaty palms!


Mojave | Kelbourne Woolens
 Kelbourne Woolens Mojave - 60% cotton, 40% linen (169m / 50g) 

Mojave is a blend of 60% pima cotton and 40% linen, and it’s constructed using five sets of very fine 2-ply, so it creates a lightweight fabric that has the wonderful stitch definition of cotton and the delicate drape of linen. Kelbourne Woolens has taken the best of each fibre to create a knitting yarn for summer that feels wonderful against your skin and will keep you cool.


Mojave's colour palette is perfect for summer knitting


A lot of thought has also gone into the colour palette for Mojave; there is fifteen colour altogether which include neutrals like soft greys, blues that linen lovers will love as well as summery pinks and bright sunny yellows that will pack a punch and add that pop of colour to your summer wardrobe.


Kelbourne Woolens has also designed a collection of knitting patterns for Mojave that are perfect for warm summer days. Kelbourne Woolens has given a lot of consideration with this collection they have focused on making sure the cut, style, and overall design appealed to a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 

Each of the six designs in the Mojave Collection is knit in pieces from the bottom up and then seamed. I'm all for seams in a garment as they provide structure and create a longer-lasting item. The designer, Meghan Kelly has incorporated short-rows to add shaping, which also helps create movement in each piece. This is a collection worthy of anyone's knitting time and I for one can't wait to get started!

Each of the six patterns is available now to purchase on Ravelry

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