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Socks and Beyond!

May 15, 2019


Socks and Beyond!

Bulletproof Sock - SweetGeorgia - Lilac

As the name suggests Bulletproof Sock is ideal for knitting socks, a blend of superwash merino, silk, mohair and nylon make this a luxurious sock yarn that is smooth, soft and strong!


The complexity of the fibres that SweetGeorgia has used in Bulletproof Sock makes it a versatile knitting yarn. Superwash Merino wool adds softness with the added benefit of elasticity that you need for knitting socks, lace stitches and cables.


Bulletproof Sock is ideal for knitting socks.
Kelias by Tabetha Hedrick


Silk is a decadent fibre that isn't used generally in sock yarns as it is inelastic, it is however strong, so it does add strength along with the presence of mohair. You can knit a pair of socks that will stand the test of time, and you'll be able to wear and enjoy for many years.


Bulletproof Sock loves lace


Another quality of silk is its smoothness; the use of silk with the superwash merino wool means that Bulletproof Sock has an exceptional stitch definition with only a slight halo.


Stitches are crisp and clear when knit in Bulletproof Sock


Bulletproof Sock is a light fingering weight yarn, it’s a multistranded yarn which contributes to crisp stitches whether you are knitting up a project in simple stocking stitch or a more complex stitch pattern.


It’s the combination of mohair and silk that gives you the loveliest drape making this a yarn shawl knitters will want to try, it’s also great for cowls, summer tops and wraps. The mohair adds to the richness and depth of colour as this is a fibre that takes dye very well. As we have come to expect from SweetGeorgia the colour palette is sublime, we have eight summery colours for you to try. 




Bulletproof Sock is by far one of SweetGeorgia's most opulent yarns; one you’ll want to knit with the only question is what will you knit first?


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