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  • Time to Get Cosy!

    October 03, 2019 5 min read 0 Comments

    Time to Get Cosy! - Tangled Yarn

    I'm excited this week because the much-anticipated book from Stolen Stitches has arrived! Cosy Knits is a collection of nine knitting patterns from some very talented designers. Each design triumphantly shows of Nua Worsted to its very best with plush cables, dreamy sweaters and essential winter accessories. Let's take a closer look at what Carol Feller and her collaborative team have in store for us.


    Inglenook by Joan Forigone

    A great layering piece for your winter wardrobe Inglenook is a simple vest knit in garter stitch. Framed with chunky verticle cables with a high/low hem with side slits. There's the option to knit a separate, removable cowl with the same central cable. 


    Inglenook by Joan Forgione
    Inglenook | Nua Worsted in Cerebellum


    To knit Inglenook you'll need the following:

    To fit bust size up to 32" 35" 38" 41" 44" 47" 50" 53" 56" 59"
    Finished bust 37" 40" 43" 46" 49" 52" 55" 58" 61" 64"
    Yarn - Nua Worsted (no of skeins) 8 9 10 10 11 12 13 13 14 15


    The vest is best worn with 5-6" / 12.5 - 15cm positive ease.

    For the cowl, you'll need 2 skeins of Nua Worsted.



    Rutland Cowl by Bristol Ivy

    Bristol Ivy's contribution is this stunning colourwork cowl; Rutland Cowl. It plays around with entrelac and chevrons in three colours of Nua Worsted and would make a striking accessory for keeping out the cold this winter! 


    Rutland Cowl by Bristol Ivy
    Rutland Cowl | Nua Worsted in August Storms, Bare Necessities and Rolling Bales.


    To knit Ruthland Cowl you'll need four skeins of Nua Worsted in the main colour and one skein of each contrast colour.


    Comerford by Kate Heppell

    Cropped sweaters are simply the best when it comes to winter; they are great worn with high waisted jeans or over dresses and tunics. Kate Heppell's pattern Comerford is one of my favourite designs in Cosy Knits; I love the intricate stitch detail on the yoke. I can't wait to cast this one. 
    Comerford by Kate Heppell
    Comerford | Nua Worsted in Dare You


    To knit Comerford you'll need the following:

    To fit bust size up to 30.25" 34" 39" 42.75" 47.25" 51" 55.5" 58.25" 63"
    Finished bust 35.25" 39" 44" 47.5" 52.5" 56" 60.5" 63.25" 68"
    Yarn - Nua Worsted (no of skeins) 10 10 11 12 14 15 17 18 20


    Comerford is best worn with 5-7" / 12.5 - 18cm positive ease.


    Lackenduff by Louisa Tilbrook

    When it comes to keeping warm, you'll want to cast on Lackenduff by Louise Tilbrook. A large cabled wrap, it is both warm and elegant. You can easily modify the pattern to create a blanket, or you prefer a scarf.


    Lackenduff by Carol Feller
    Lackenduff | Nua Worsted in Kitten Fluff 


    To knit Lackenduff you'll need 10 skeins of Nua Worsted, the finished wrap measures 137cm (54") x 51cm (20").



    Tuckle by Louisa Harding

    An oversized and warm sweater Tuckle is knit in the round from the bottom up. The design features a deep chevron border which transitions into wide fleck rib and back to chevrons, which are then topped off with heart-shaped bobbles. Snug cuffs and a high neck make Tuckle the sort of sweater you'll want to pull on and hideaway in until spring!


    Tuckle by Louisa Harding
     Tuckle | Nua Worsted in Bare Necessities


    To knit Tuckle you'll need the following:

    To fit bust size up to 32" 36" 40" 46"
    Finished bust 35.75" 40.5" 45" 49.5"
    Yarn - Nua Worsted (no of skeins) 14 15 16 17


    Tuckle is best worn with 3-5" / 7.5 - 12.5cm positive ease.


    Sawmill by Rachel Coopey

    No winter ensemble would be complete without a hat. Rachel Coopey's design has a bold geometric pattern using three colours of Nua Worsted is the ideal way to add colour to your knitting!


    Sawmill by Rachel Coopey
     Sawmill | Nua Worsted in Bare Necessities, Chalk & Plum and Harvest Moon


    Instructions to knit Sawmill are given for three sizes, from small to large. To knit Rachel Coopey's design you'll need three colours of Nua Worsted in three colours.


    Battintemple by Carol Feller

    A fun knit from Carol Feller, Ballintemple is a soft, swingy and elegant cardigan. Knit in garter stitch Carol has used German Short Rows to add shape to the yoke which is edged with a woven cable you then pick up stitches for the body of the cardigan and knit down. It features two additional woven cables on the front of the design.


    Ballintemple | Nua Worsted Chalk & Plum 


    To knit Ballintemple you'll need the following:

    To fit bust size up to 30.75" 34.75" 38.25" 41.5" 44.5" 48.5" 52.5" 56.5"
    Finished bust 31.75" 35.75" 39.25" 42.5" 45.5" 49.5" 53.5" 57.5"
    Yarn - Nua Worsted (no of skeins) 9 10 11 11 12 13 14 15


    Ballintemple is best worn with 1-3" / 2.5 - 7.5cm positive ease.


    Móin by Eimear Earley

    Cowls are my go-to accessory during the cold months; they are by far more versatile than scarves and a great way to accessorises an outfit while keeping warm at the same time. Móin is knit in two colours of Nua Worsted. Knit in the round is predominately garter stitch stripes with a cable motif which was inspired by classic rope cables that are often featured on traditional Aran sweaters.


     Móin | Nua Worsted in Unexpected Macaw and Late Night Blues


    The instructions for Móin are given for two sizes, small and large. To knit the small size you'll need one skein of each colour, so two in total and for the large, you'll two skeins of each colour, four altogether.



    Terrain Shawl by Jimenez Joseph

    Terrain is a module knitted shawl that uses three sitch patterns; each brings a unique texture to this project which adds to its visual appeal. These textured stitches make the shawl warm and cosy, it's edged in a corrugated trim which is knit in a contrast colour of Nua Worsted creates weight and adds a little swish!


    Terrain Shawl by Jimenez Joseph
    Terrain Shawl | Nua Worsted in Drift Glass and Sea Veggies


    Terrain measures 192cm across and is 48cm deep. To knits this stunning shawl you'll need 8 skeins of Nua Worsted for the main colour and two additional skeins in a contrast colour for the trim.


    Stolen Stitches Nua Worsted

    Stolen Sticthes Nua Worsted

    Each design is knit in Stolen Stitches Nua Worsted. A worsted-weight yarn, offering a blend of merino wool, yak and linen. It's a tweedy and soft yarn; being a worsted-weight it's ideal for warm knits. 

    Both Cosy Knits and Nua Worsted are available to purchase from our online shop.

    © Carol Feller