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  • Crochet the Summer Away!

    July 24, 2017 1 min read 0 Comments

    Tranquil by Sarah Hazell | Erika Knight Studio Linen


    We have just had a new delivery of Erika Knight Studio Linen so there's no better time to think about grabbing your crochet hook and starting Tranquil by Sarah Hazell.


    Tranquil | Studio Linen

     Tranquil shown in Covet (A), Remnant (B) and Bone (C).


    Tranquil is an elegant summer shawl, it's asymmetric in shape and uses three colours of Studio Linen which brings a contemporary twist to the repeating shell stitch. We have a few suggestions for alternative colour combinations.



    This is a crochet project suitable for an adventurous beginner; it's just one simple stitch repeated so a good project to do whilst you are watching TV or in the company of others. Linen can be a little harder on the hands so I would choose a crochet hook that has a covered handle like a Clover Soft Touch. Studio Linen is however out of all the linen yarns I've tried quite soft and your shawl will just keep getting better with wear and washing. 



    Studio Linen (85% recycled rayon linen, 15% premium linen; 120m / 131 yds per 50g) A: 8 skeins; B: 3 skeins; C: 3 skeins

    3.5mm / US E4

    one size approx 205cm along the top edge, 110cm along the left edge and 165cm along the right edge.